7 Dec 2012

TA44 – EASA Paris #1 Henrietta L. Moore

Posted by Norma Deseke

This interview with Professor Henrietta L. Moore from the University of Cambridge is the first of three episodes that were produced by Norma Deseke at the 12th conference of the European Association of Social Anthropologists in Nanterre, Paris in July 2012. Further talks recorded at EASA provide interviews with Helena Wulff, Professor at the University of Stockholm and Dan Rabinowitz from Tel Aviv University. For more information about EASA please see the official website on http://www.easaonline.org/.

Professor Henrietta L. Moore talks about the meaning of the EASA conference theme “Uncertainty and Disquiet”, the tradition of the discipline in the UK and anthropology´s contemporary challenges. We touch on issues concerning the decline of funding, increasing protests and pressures of mobility as well as open access approaches, such as the HAU Journal of Ethnographic Theory (http://www.haujournal.org/index.php/hau). Professor Moore gives us her perspective on theoretical avenues pivotal to the discipline and her criteria for good anthropology and well-written ethnographies. She will also talk about the reasons for her long-term fascination for anthropology and give young anthropologists some advice for their academic career.

Henrietta L. Moore FBA is the William Wyse Chair of Social Anthropology at the University of Cambridge. She is one of the leading theorists of gender in the social sciences and her work has developed a distinctive approach to the analysis of the interrelations of material and symbolic gender systems, embodiment and performance, and identity and sexuality. She has worked extensively in Africa, particularly on gender, livelihood strategies, social transformation and symbolic systems. Recent research has focused on virtual worlds, new technologies and the relationship between self-imagining and globalisation. She is a Fellow of the British Academy, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and Academician of the Learned Societies for the Social Sciences. Her most recent book, Still Life: Hopes, Desires and Satisfactions (2011), argues for a reconsideration of globalisation based on ordinary people’s capacities for self–making and social transformation.

Please see Professor Moore´s website on http://www.henriettalmoore.com.


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