18 Feb 2013

TA46 – EASA Paris #2 Helena Wulff

Posted by Norma Deseke

This podcast provides an interview with Professor Helena Wulff from the University of Stockholm, Sweden and was recorded by Norma Deseke at the 12th European Association of Social Anthropologists conference in Nanterre, Paris in July 2012.

We talked about the meaning of the EASA conference theme “Uncertainty and Disquiet” and the tradition of anthropology in Sweden. Central to the talk is Helena´s approach to writing and she provides some advice to develop strategies and techniques for the improvement of one´s own texts. We touched on issues concerning the handling of critique and the tension between the creative potential of crisis and increased competition due to shrinking funding opportunities.

Helena Wulff´s research is in the anthropology of communication and aesthetics based on a wide range of studies on the social worlds of literary production, dance, and visual arts. Her specialist skills are in expressive cultural form (dance, art, images, and text) in a transnational perspective, visual culture, the emotions, and media as well as anthropological methods. Helena has held visiting professorships at the University of Ulster, the University of Vienna, the National University of Singapore, and the University of Illinois. Drawing on her research, she also occasionally writes popular articles for newspapers and magazines in Sweden and the UK.
Helena has conducted field studies in Stockholm, London, New York, Frankfurt-am-Main, and Ireland (mostly Dublin). Her current research is on writing and literature as cultural process and form focusing on contemporary Irish writers as cultural translators and public intellectuals.

Further talks recorded at the EASA conference provide interviews with Henrietta L. Moore, Professor at Cambridge University and Dan Rabinowitz from Tel Aviv University. For more information about EASA please check our http://www.easaonline.org/.

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