14 Oct 2013

TA47 – EASA Paris #3 Dan Rabinowitz

Posted by Norma Deseke

This podcast provides an interview with Dr. Dan Rabinowitz from the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Tel-Aviv University and was recorded by Norma Deseke at the 12th European Association of Social Anthropologists conference in Nanterre, Paris in July 2012.

We talked about EASA´s development, the recent protests in and changes of Israeli society and anthropology´s tradition in the region as well as the discipline´s challenges. Dan shared his experiences of how he came to be an anthropologist and provides some advice for students considering a PhD in anthropology.

Dan is interested in ethnicity and nationalism, environment and society, globalisation and transnationalism, identity, ethnography, housing and housing co-operatives, the Palestinian citizens of Israel, Palestinians, Islamic movements, Israeli society and Middle East Politics; Bedouins and places such as Nazareth and Sinai.

Further talks recorded at EASA provide interviews with Helena Wulff, Professor at the University of Stockholm and Prof. Henrietta L. Moore from Cambridge University. For more information about EASA please check our http://www.easaonline.org/.

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