21 Oct 2010

TA16 – Indian Hackers

Posted by Thomas Lohninger

Todays Show is about the Indian Hackerscene and current developments in India concerning electronic voting machines, biometrical citizen recognition and cyber warfare. I think it’s a quite controversial show, but I wanted to point the spotlight to an area that’s not so often in the news. Therefore also the positions in the show may not be those of the audience nor those of myself, but I tried to portray and contrast them with respect to show the current situation.

I hope you enjoy the show and more information about India is gathered in the future.

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4 Responses to “TA16 – Indian Hackers”

  1. Good one!



  2. Awesome! That’s something totally different we didn’t knew… Kudos to Indian Hackers!!


    Richard Baker

  3. Great one. Indian Hacker Space has much abilities to be explored than any other! One can get to know their potential from words of the wonderful speaker. As Richard said..Kudos to Indian Hacker Space.



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