25 Feb 2011

TA25 – Japanese Hackerculture

Posted by Thomas Lohninger

In this episode we talk about the Japanese Hackerculture, it’s maker scene and how to do cool things with Micro Controllers. My guests are Mitch Altman from San Francisco and Akiba from Tokio. I hope you enjoy the show!


  • the rise of the Hacker/Maker idea (in Japan)
  • cultural differences
  • hackerspaces scene today
  • hackerculture and it’s relation to japanese culture
  • Geeks in Japan
  • the Tokio district of Akihabra
  • net-neutrality, censorship and net-politics
  • creative Commons and open Hardware Definition 1.0
  • how to start making cool things with Microcontrolers


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  1. メール友達がすぐに作れちゃうサイト!完全無料だからはじめてでも安心・簡単に作れちゃいます。趣味別、年齢別など豊富なジャンルか



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