22 Aug 2011

TA33 – CCCamp Radio

Posted by Thomas Lohninger

This is the first show of our radio station at the Chaos Communication Camp. We first explain what this Camp and our radio is with the help of lindworm and my college GMC. The second half of the show we are joined by bicyclemark one of the first and famous podcasters who explains a bit his work and what originally motivated him to start podcasting.


  • WTF is the chaos communication camp?!?
  • hackers on a plane (HOAP)
  • hackerspaces
  • Luftfahrt Museum¬†Finowfurt
  • working as a podcaster
  • how bicyclemark started podcasting
  • projects in Afghanistan
  • conflict minerals in consumer electronics “fairphone”


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One Response to “TA33 – CCCamp Radio”

  1. I love exposing the TRUTH about what happens in the studio. GMC is waving his arms… Thomas is motioning for people to be quiet. Lights are blinking.. spectators are looking in… Its CHAOS!



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