4 Sep 2011

TA34 – Digital Anthropology

Posted by Thomas Lohninger

The combination of a year reading into a subject and the element of total surprise made for a great interview. Gabriella Coleman and I finally set down to have a talk at the Chaos Communication Camp 2011 in Germany. I hope you enjoy and comment!


  • how Gabriella came to her discipline
  • the path to Free and open source culture
  • What Anthropology has to offer? advantages and limits
  • “going native”
  • working with digital material in social science
  • problems of anthropology studying the digital in western countries
  • necessary media literacy for studying digital communities
  • Hackers protesting the church of Scientology
  • publication and review process in social sciences
  • her research about Anonymous
  • Gabriela’s role as scientist/spokesperson/activist
  • Forthcoming book: Coding and Freedome, the ethics and pleasures of hacking
  • emerging new Hacking entities Anonymous, AntiSec, LulSec, Telecomix


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3 Responses to “TA34 – Digital Anthropology”

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  3. Great interview. And I’m really glad I came across the work of Gabriella!

    I’m now doing research on the role of Internet and open-source culture in local community development in Syria.. and how one could transform this into designing new tools for local community building and empowerment. I am facing many of the issues and challenges that Gabriella is referring to, and it is stimulating to hear about her experience.

    Interesting podcast :)


    Ammar Halabi

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