4 Jan 2012

TA39-Year-end round-up

Posted by Thomas Lohninger

This is the yearly roundup panel at the 28. Chaos Communication Congress (28c3) about the future of the annual event of the chaos computer club (ccc) and the year in perspective of hacker events. Our guests were Tim PritloveJérémie Zimmermann, Mitch Altman, Okhin from Telecomix, HJ from Noisebridge/Dresden, bicyclemark and on the decks was gmc.

We talked about:

  • history of the chaos communication congress
  • expansion of the hacker scene
  • current problems of too little space at the venue
  • possible scenarios and solutions for the future
  • the last year for telecomix
  • the year in perspective for the hacker scene
  • outlook’s for 2012


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